Mark Fernicola - Barber

Ferni's Barbershop

Mark is a native of North Haven and growing up spent every other Saturday going to Gerardo’s Modern Barbershop, where 30 some odd years later his uncle Gerardo Fernicola and sons Dino and Claudio would bestow onto him almost 100 collective years of barber knowledge and experience. Mark is very honored to carry on the family trade and well versed in today’s trends as well as the classics. Come experience it for yourself! STAY GOLD - LOOK SHARP

Haircuts : $25
Hippie Killer : $30+
Straight razor shaves: $35
Kids/ seniors/ buzzcuts: $20
Beard/ mustache trims/ add ons : $15

Hours of operation:
Tuesday - Friday 10-6pm
Saturday 9-4pm
Appointments are guaranteed