Jim LoPresti

Jim LoPresti has been tattooing since 1996. He began tattooing in Bridgeport, Ct - his hometown! - and opened Lucky Soul in 2001.

Jim is known as one of the friendliest and kindest tattoo artists around, and not just locally, his incredible and compassionate reputation is known far outside of Connecticut.

Jim has worked primarily in black and gray, perfecting his wash and shading techniques over the decades of experience that he has. His main focus in his work has always been realism. He truly enjoys tattooing wildlife, or even taking a photo and creating a piece to be worn with pride by clients far and wide.

Jim is known for creating a safe and comfortable space foe his clients, respecting their needs, wishes and boundaries. He truly believes that the experience of getting tattooed is just as important as the final product itself and strives to create a familial and friendly environment for his clients to feel completely supported through the tattooing experience.

Jim has always focused on portraiture, and he gains so much fulfillment in tattooing a photo of a loved one to be carried by his clients the rest of their lives - whether that be a human loved one or a pet, he completes the tattoo leaving his clients in awe of his ability each time.

As of 2020 Jim has decided to cut his work load down and will be focusing only on black and gray pieces featuring wildlife, skulls, and portraiture. He is not fully retired, but will be taking time to pursue other interests and therefore needs to focus his work load only in the things he prefers to tattoo and those that he truly excels in. If Jim is unable to work with you on your piece, he pass you over to one of his very talented coworkers here at Lucky Soul, all of which share the same set of values and care that you’ve come to know and expect of Lucky Soul Tattoo.

Instagram portfolio: @jal71